Steve Webb

From Nhs It Info

(Northavon, Liberal Democrat)

Parliamentary Question (16 May 2006)

"To ask the Secretary of State for Health if she will list the pilot programmes that have been set up for the National Programme for IT."

Website: NHS Computer Failure Very Alarming (31 Jul 2006)

"Commenting on news that 80 NHS hospital trusts have been hit by a ‘serious interruption’ to their computer services, Liberal Democrat Shadow Health Secretary, Steve Webb MP said: It is very alarming that trusts are reporting practical problems with a multi-billion pound IT system. The NHS cannot rely on a computer system that is only right most of the time. If medical information is not available or supplied in error then the effect on patients can be fatal. Serious questions must be asked about whether the proper safeguards were put in place before this system went online.”."

Website: NHS IT Project in Deep Trouble (28 Sep 2006)

"Commenting on news that Accenture is quitting key parts of the beleaguered £12 billion upgrade of the NHS computer system, Liberal Democrat Shadow Health Secretary, Steve Webb MP said: “This is yet more evidence of a project in deep trouble, that will doubtless mean more instability distracting health professionals from concentrating on patient care. This firm’s departure will generate yet more fears that the NHS IT project’s costs and problems will escalate further. Inevitably, when you change supplier there will be handover costs and the danger that people with valuable knowledge will leave.”

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